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Ensure your fleet stays on schedule while reducing costs and protecting your fleet with our GPS Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Solutions.

Vehicle Tracking with Teletrac Navman

Equip your business with data to reduce risk and drive action.


40,000 businesses around the world rely on Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR for the smart management of fleets of any size. Built on a flexible infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with other business systems, DIRECTOR gathers the vast information that is continuously being generated by your vehicles, turns it into actionable data, and puts real-time insight in the hands of your drivers, dispatchers, and decision-makers. The result is a highly connected and compliant workforce making conscious, moment-to-moment decisions that lead to exceptional customer service and commercial success.

Fleet Visibility

Monitor your fleet of vehicles from anywhere in near real-time.


  • Fleet Management: Track and monitor your fleet and equipment 24/7 in near real-time with second-by-second, high definition data.
  • Asset Tracking: Track and monitor your fleet and equipment under demanding conditions.
  • Self-Powered Asset Tracking: Track and monitor your unpowered equipment and trailers.
  • Satellite Communications: Track and Monitor your assets when out of cellular coverage.
  • Mobile Communications & Navigation: Send messages and navigational outing, dispatch the nearest driver to a job or apply warnings to alert drivers when over speeding.


  • Operational visibility and improved maintenance efficiencies
  • Improved fuel control and reduced fuel consumption
  • Fleet and asset utilisation
  • Improved driver safety and reduced Bent Metal claims
  • Enhanced dispatch and routing and smart fuelling cycles
  • Risk mitigation ensure adherence to policies and compliance to legislation
  • Safe journey management and pre-start inspections

Product Components:

Qube AVL Device | Qtanium100 AVL Device | Qtaniu 350 AVL Device | M-Nav 950

Fleet Safety

Ensure safe operating environments with scorecard-based driver behaviour monitoring.


  • Use high definition incident data to see second by second incident analytics
  • Get a complete view of events with high definition telematics and forward facing dashboard camera footage
  • Use our driver ID solutions to assign activity to drivers who operate multiple vehicles
  • Build dashboards around your safety KPI’s
  • Get reports on driver events, posted speed violations and build customized league tables


  • Identify high risk behaviours and educate drivers with clear reports and dashboard camera footage
  • Measure harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, erratic cornering and posted speed violations
  • Instantly create driver scorecards for high impact debriefs

Director Reporting and Interactive Dashboards

Having the right data is key to successful fleet management

  • Access information securely with customizable dashboards, reports and real-time alerts. We strive to bring fleet management software to life by creating simple tools that enable you to visualize your fleet’s performance in the way that you want.
  • Dynamic Dashboard – Track your organization’s most critical KPIs
  • Build Your Own Report – Visualise the data you want and set specific goals
  • Customizable Alerts – React quickly to unexpected situations
  • Trackable Metrics - Fuel usage, Idling activity, Fleet utilization, Unauthorised vehicle use, Driver proficiency


  • Sites and Alerts
  • Mapping Capability
  • Vehicle Maintenance Module
  • Monitoring Utilisation
  • Dispatch Communication
  • Dynamic Dashboard

Product Components:

DIRECTOR Software | Qube AVL Device | Qtanium100 AVL Device | Qtanium 350 AVL Device | M-Nav 950

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