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Homebase and depot fuel automation and fuel management limits fuel fraud and removes human intervention.

Homebase Automation and Refueling

Homebase automation ensures that all fuel receiving
and fuel dispensing points are automated.


Homebase Wetstock Control

Collect accurate information from your sites and make better decisions about your assets.

Authorisation: Decreases fuel expenses and fraud by fueling only authorised vehicles. Automated monitoring of fuel stock and detection of fuel losses assists with environmental control and risk management across your network and allows for centralised data management to optimise your operational profitability. hour availability.

Product Components:

Automatic Tank Gauges | Electronic Meter Register | Actuator | Flow Meter

Homebase Site Control

Power and flexibility to control distribution and manage your homebase fuel sites.

Automation of all dispensing points through installation of our Site Controller and AVI vehicle identification technology eliminates unauthorised refueling and ensures that all information and transactions are recorded electronically and accurately.

Product Components:

Site Controller | Fuel Pumps and Dispensers | FuelOPass Vehicle Identification Unit | NanoPass Vehicle Identification Unit | AccuTrip+ Vehicle Data Unit

Homebase Fuel Management Reporting

Relevant and near real-time Wetstock and Site
Control reporting dashboards.

Single views of your most important homebase fuel and fleet operational data is provided and managed through our GMS Connect Platform.


Product Components:

GMS Connect Reporting Platform

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