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As the service provider for RT46, we can assist you to join in the benefits of the RT46 Transversal Agreement for Government Fleet Management Services.

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Transversal Fuel Management Solutions for Government

Running a large government fleet efficiently can be a very challenging task. Governmental entities can elect to participate in RT46 for the Provision of Comprehensive Fleet Management Services to the State.

On-Road Fleet Fuel Management

Fleet Managed Maintenance

Fleet Management Reporting

What does RT46 offer?

RT46/2014 for fleet management services was successfully secured by Transit Solutions and includes:

  • Card facility for the purchasing of fuel and tolls
  • eFuel cashless, automated refueling solution
  • Pre-authorisation and payment facility for vehicle maintenance transactions, services and repairs
  • Consolidated billing system
  • Maintenance administration function
  • Customised reporting in terms of exceptions, wrongful application of vehicles, or any fraudulent activities

The provision made by National Treasury for municipalities to be part of this contract, has been of significant benefit to other municipalities.