oRic Controller


Site control with the OrIC Station Controller is an all-in-one standalone pedestal that offers complete site automation. OrIC has a modular configuration with several options: printer with a very large paper roll (180mm), HID card reader, electronic key and built in WGT when integrated. OrIC is typically installed at a homebase fuel site and it supports up to eight mechanical hoses and 64 electronic hoses.


  • Independent site controller having complete site control automation.
  • Supports automatic vehicle identification and manual authorisation devices.
  • Includes the forecourt controller, Payment Terminal and optional printer, all mounted in a pedestal.


 –  Accepts a variety of authorisation devices, such as cards, RFID tags, fleet keys and HID cards.

 –  Interfaces with the forecourt devices, such as dispensers, TLG, payment terminals and vehicle identification devices.