Contract RT 46 – User Information

Notification: Standard Bank, as Transit’s funding partner, will do the billing and collecting on Transit’s behalf.

Please be assured that we are addressing your requirements for future billing. We have initiated a project to develop invoices specific to your requirements but in the interim we will provide you with invoices that comply to your requirements.

We thank you for the courtesy and assistance afforded to us by all stakeholders in this important contract and trust we can rely on your continued support.

Download Letter to Departments May 2014 billing

Notification: Thank you very much for all the feedback we have received from the various State user departments.
In the interest of ensuring we address your concerns, we have provided alternative means to interact with our call centre.

Please note we are experiencing high call volumes and as a result we request if you are seeking a pre-authorisation number, send your vehicle details and special instruction to or fax to 011 790 5197. In the event that you have a pre-authorisation number, send your quote with pre-authorisation number to or fax to 011 790 5115.

We trust that the above arrangement will assist all the call centre users that are experiencing long holding times.