Introduction to Transit Solutions

The company has been in operations since 2008 with the main aim of consolidating the AFS Group public business in collaboration with various bank partners and to extend the core offer to fleet management.

The incorporation of bank relationships for an empowered entity has been challenging in that such an entity is required to provide suretyships to various banks for the underlying fuel and maintenance transaction business which, securities are provided by the AFS and Gilbarco Group of Companies.

Transit has grown its range of product offerings and associated fuel management services to become true specialists in the fuel and maintenance management arena providing products and services to control and measure a range of fleet management functions.

The company currently manages in excess of 250m liters per annum of fuel and is desirous to extend its operation to include managed maintenance and related fleet management services.

The market has been receptive to an entrepreneurial company dedicated to fleet management solutions and services and Transit currently supports and maintains an extensive network of automation systems in the public sector namely the RT 46 contract and the fleet and fuel management solution for the Western Cape and a number of municipalities. These services are offered in collaboration with our bank partners and Fleet Data Technologies.